Climbing To The Top With Henry Mayo Fitness and Health







With the help of Henry Mayo Fitness and Health and Henry Mayo's Physical Therapy Department, we helped train and condition Amy Daniels to climb Kilimanjaro.


In September of 2017, Amy Daniels, executive director of the WISH Education Foundation, reached the summit of Mount Kilamanjaro.  She’s made the climb both because she loves to climb to raise money for the foundation.


The therapists and trainers at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health supported Amy as she trained for this climb.  Henry Mayo therapists have worked with Amy before.  In 2012 she started training in preparation for climbing Mount Rainier in Washington State.  While training she suffered an injury and lost use of her right arm.  She sought treatment at Henry Mayo’s physical therapy department.  The therapists there developed an exercise and therapy regiment specifically tailored to help Amy restore function and gain strength in her arm.  On August 13, 2015, her 50th birthday, she reached the summit of Mount Rainier.


Follow Amy’s journey here as she trains for her Mount Kilimanjaro climb.