Janet Binger
Janet Binger

Janet Binger

  • Massage Therapist
Henry Mayo Fitness and Health
24525 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
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  • About Janet

    Janet Lynn Binger, LMT, holds the position of Lead Massage Therapist here at Henry Mayo Fitness and Health. Janet’s interest in helping others feel better began at an early age. “Hands on healing” has been her passion from the first time she helped someone feel better with her soothing touch. Janet has studied Anatomy and Physiology since her adolescent years. Her backgrounds in the sciences and comforting personality have made her very popular here at Henry Mayo Fitness & Health. Janet furthered her education by studying Psychology which has added so much to her healing practice. Though Janet specializes in many modalities, pain associated with the neck and lower back are her specialties. Janet also has experience with AIS, which is a type of stretching modality that is commonly used on professional athletes. Janet’s passion for taking care of others is seen in all areas of her life. She continues to learn how to help others feel better; body, mind and soul.

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