Alcohol and the Holiday Season
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Alcohol and the Holiday Season

Let’s be real. Many of us like to have some drinks during the holiday season. If you don’t partake, your liver thanks you. For those of us who enjoy a libation but want to watch the calories, I have some tips and drink ideas for you.


  • Go booze-free Sunday through Thursday – if you typically have a nightly drink, consider giving it up during the week throughout the holiday season.

  • Put off pre-dinner drinks. Save some calories and a hangover, plus research shows if we’ve already been drinking before dinner, we will eat more during meal time.

  • Glass of water or seltzer water between each alcoholic drink.

  • Pick drinks that are lower in calories.


Vodka Fizz

Seltzer water is just water with bubbles…no sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners! And it comes in all sorts of flavors now!! Add a bit of vodka, and a splash of fruit juice, or citrus, and you have a delicious, refreshing cocktail that isn’t terribly high in calories.

Cosmo “Lite”: Seltzer, vodka, and a splash of lime and cranberry juice

Moscow Mule “Lite”: Seltzer, vodka, ginger beer, lime juice (skip the simple syrup)

Extra Spicy Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary can be a smart choice, because it isn’t loaded with extra sugar like many cocktails, plus you get some extra vitamins from the tomato juice. All of the goodies you can add, such as pickles, green beans, celery are yummy and fun! And when it’s HOT with spice, you can only drink it so fast…fewer calories and less hangover.

A Glass of Red Wine

Fewer calories + benefits of antioxidants, including polyphenols, flavonoids, and resveratrol.

Scotch, Bourbon, Whiskey, or Silver Tequila on the Rocks

Or with water or seltzer, splash of lime if you don’t like it straight up!