Tips for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot!
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Tips for Starting 2018 on the Right Foot!

From your Henry Mayo Nutritionist: Liz Tarabour, MS, RDN

With the holiday season behind us, many of us have dropped the reigns of “daily routine”, and with that comes losing control of healthy habits. Schedules have been so busy and intense that it became easier to “swing in the drive-thru”. Over-indulging with the parties and holiday meals are what December was all about. NOW IS THE TIME MY FRIENDS, to jump back in and take control of your healthy habits and lifestyle.  


  • Spend time looking up 2-4 recipes for dinners for the week (or you could plan 2 weeks).
  • Get family input – If the kids help decide, there is a better chance they will eat it.
  • Start a calendar – As you pick recipes, write them on a calendar. This can help prevent over-purchasing and will help you remember to cook something you purchased.
  • Have a method or place for saving recipes, such as a notebook or binder. Or if you love Pinterest, you can save things there. It’s nice to reference back to great meals. Our Pinterest page has a few healthy meal ideas!
  • Shopping day – It helps to have a routine shopping day… one less thing to think about.
  • Shopping list – After you pick a date on the calendar for a recipe, place ingredients on a shopping list. After you finish with all recipes, add house staples (milk, eggs, bread, etc.)
  • Check what’s on sale – If budget is a major factor, consider planning recipes around what’s on sale in the weekly ads.
  • Plan for leftovers – Make a double batch, freeze half for later… one less night of cooking.
  • Consider prepping ahead –not all of us have huge chunks of time to do this, but some people find it very helpful to prep everything (or some) for the whole week in 1 day.
  • Keep well stocked pantry and freezer. This prevents extra time spent making unplanned trips to the store.
  • MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: If you tend to buy lots of random, unhealthy foods when you go to the store, consider online grocery shopping. Vons (Safeway) delivers free if you order $150 worth of groceries. I’ve heard that Walmart has online shopping. You can drive there and they will place it in your car for you.