A Few of Our Favorite Things, 2020 Edition
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A Few of Our Favorite Things, 2020 Edition

2019- it’s been real! Now on to 2020 and some of our favorite things over at Henry Mayo Community Education.

  1. Kid friendly healthy eating- As restaurants and fast food establishments move away from buttered noodles and chicken nuggets, a whole world of health and flavor opens for kids. Look for our National Nutrition month event this March as we highlight family nutrition and health.
  2. Walking- Study after study shows that walking is the choice for many people working towards or maintaining their weight and overall health. Walking is good for the heart, muscles and bones of the body. Whether a mid-day 10 minute walk or an hour plus to really get the blood pumping, more walking is good for everyone!
  3. Diabetes Support- It’s one thing to see your doctor, take your medications, and read up on the latest research, but it’s another to sit with others who share a common experience with you to discuss the day to day ins and outs of living with a chronic condition. Join us each month for Type-1derful, our support group for people with type-1 diabetes and launching in January, T2 Connect, support for people with type 2 diabetes.
  4. Happy hour minus the alcohol- Non-alcoholic libations became a big thing this past summer and will only grow in popularity as more people make the decision to abstain, whether for health or personal choices. Many fruits and herbs add great flavor to soda water and tonic to create a fresh, fun mocktail.
  5. Restorative sleep- 7 or 8 hours is good for the body, but it’s the quality not just the quantity of sleep that matters. Vital to brain health, deep sleep and REM sleep help restore the body. If you are not getting enough high quality sleep, make it a priority this year!
  6. Color of the Year- Behr paints has picked Back to Nature, a meadow green, as their color of the year. Getting out in nature is important for the mind, body, and soul. See how you can incorporate more time outdoors, in one of the beautiful SCV open spaces, this 2020!
  7. Alternative sweeteners- From pomegranate syrup to monkfruit extract, less processed sugar substitutes are growing up and getting more natural. If you want just a hint of sweet, try syrups and nectars in coffee, tea or for baking.

We hope to see you in Community Education in 2020!