Setting Intentions for the New Year
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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Setting Intentions for the New Year

Here in Community Health, we believe in the power of goal setting, not just because it sounds good, but because good science supports it. Looking at your long-term goals, and determining how to break them down into smaller, workable goals is an effective way to work towards change. Whether you like to call it a resolution or intention, January is a great time to try it. While forming new habits takes time and effort, reflecting on what can be gained from healthy changes can reinforce and motivate change.

Here are some healthy lifestyle habits we focus on during our Family, Food and Fitness program starting up again on February 5th. See if these ideas can help you on your healthy intentions journey.

  • Choose more veggies and fruit
  • Drink water
  • Move more
  • Less screen time
  • Get enough sleep.

Go to to learn more about and register for Family, Food, and Fitness.