Who Wouldn’t Want to Prevent Diabetes?
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Who Wouldn’t Want to Prevent Diabetes?

If someone told you that you can reduce your risk of your prediabetes becoming diabetes by half, would you want to do it? What if you could reverse your pre-diabetes? Would you want to focus on losing 5% of your body weight if you knew it would provide these amazing health benefits? This is all possible with our CDC and NIH created Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), Prevent T2.

In 2019, we saw the graduation of our first DPP participants. After their commitment to lose 5%-7% of body weight and increase activity to at least 150 minutes a week by participating in the year long program, the group ended up collectively losing over 140lbs and averaging over 2000 minutes of activity a week. These outstanding results weren’t achieved through deprivation, but consistent, small changes over the course of the year. Eating healthier, moving more, identifying and coping with stress and learning how to stay on track are the cornerstones of the DPP.

To learn more, and see if you qualify for the DPP program, visit www.henrymayo.com/our-services/diabetes-prevention-program/.

Our next cohort begins in late February and we’d love to support you on your preventative journey.