Produce Highlight - Green Bell Peppers
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Produce Highlight - Green Bell Peppers

It’s the middle of summer, and so many delicious fruits and veggies are in season. Peppers are starting to come into ripeness, first green bell peppers, then red, since they are the fully ripe green bell pepper. Green bell peppers are less sweet, meaning less developed sugars, since they are picked before ripening, but their tartness makes them excellent in certain dishes.

Bell peppers are a vitamin C powerhouse. Since vitamin c is a water soluble vitamin, we don’t store it in the body, we need daily sources. It’s great to not solely rely on fruits, like citrus and kiwi, but to get vitamin c from vegetables too. Bell Peppers offer a nice variety of the mineral electrolytes our body needs more of when we are sweating in this hot weather, such as potassium and magnesium, and other minerals, like manganese, that we don’t need large amounts of but that we do need daily to continue many chemical reactions in the body. Manganese is being researched for it’s possible role in regulating blood sugars, as some studies have shown low levels in people with diabetes.

Fire up the grill and throw on some peppers and onions, chop them up to add to salad and chili, or try using green bell peppers as a chip substitute in our nacho recipe. Enjoy!

Grilled Green Pepper Nachos

  • 3 green bell peppers, cut into large 1/5 slices or chunks
    • You need them to be big enough to hold ingredients and not fall through the grill.
  • 1 can low-sodium black beans, heated up on stove top or in microwave
  • 2 ripe avocados, cut into chunks
  • 1 package shredded Mexican cheese
  • A container or jar of your favorite salsa

Heat your grill and lightly coat with oil. Place peppers on the grill, skin side up to start, and let slightly char. Flip so they are skin side down, and fill the pepper “chips” with a tablespoon of beans, a piece of avocado, and a sprinkle of cheese. Continue to cook on the grill until the cheese melts. Use tongs to carefully transfer to a plate or tray. Top with salsa and serve.