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Hold the Salt

While heart failure may not be on your health check radar, it should be! As many as 6 million Americans are living with heart failure and it is related to other heart problems, specifically coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

A heart healthy diet is one that focuses on increasing planted based foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and limiting animal foods. With heart failure, there is also particular attention paid to fluid intake, which may be limited, and how much caffeine or alcohol you should drink. It’s important to follow any guidelines your doctor discusses with you.

As with blood pressure, sodium is also of particular concern as this can lead to the heart working harder than it should. The American Heart Association recommends a range of 1,500 mg to no more than 2,300 mg a day. Since the majority of the sodium we eat comes from processed foods and eating out, this is a good place to focus on cutting back. Checking labels on the processed and packaged foods you buy, like bread, crackers, canned goods, etc. and choosing more veggies and less meat and cheese when eating out are two ways you can cut down on sodium. Check out this American Heart Association link to their Salty Six infographic to learn more about which foods to cut back on.


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