Keeping National Nutrition Month Going All Year
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Keeping National Nutrition Month Going All Year

I hope you have been checking in each week this month as we have celebrated National Nutrition Month. If you have, you hopefully tried out some new fruits or veggies, increased your physical activity, or adopted another small change to support your health. Let’s keep these healthy changes going on all year long by focusing on goal setting.

It’s helpful to identify what your main, end goal is first. Maybe you want to get off some of your medications, or run a 5 k. Whatever it is, this main goal is something that will take a few months, even a year or more to accomplish. Once you have identified your ultimate goal, it’s time to start some baby steps.

A weekly action plan is a way to slowly start your journey to your main goal. Think about one thing you can do over the next week to move closer to your goal. This action should be small and achievable. For example, if you are aiming to get to that 5k in 6 months, maybe this week you want to add 10 minutes to your daily walk. If you have been walking consistently, then maybe you want to add 5 minutes of running to the 30 minutes of walking. Whatever task you choose, just put enough detail so you know when and where you will get it done. Think about how it will get done. And finally, make sure you consider any obstacles that may get in your way. What if the weather changes? Can you change to an indoor activity? What if you just don’t feel like it?

Making changes isn’t easy, but once you get started, you are more likely to stick to it. Set yourself up for success by breaking down your goals and creating weekly action plans. Thanks for celebrating National Nutrition Month with us. Here’s to your continued health!