What’s in Season?
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What’s in Season?

If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you may have noticed how often I tout the fabulous benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. One sure fire way to make sure you’re eating the tastiest, most nutritious produce is to buy what’s in season. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are generally grown closer to where you buy them, and less time from harvest to your plate means eating foods at their peak ripeness.

What might you find in the produce section right now?

Cara cara oranges: A type of navel orange, this fruit has a pinker flesh, and tends to be sweeter than a typical navel orange since it has lower acidity. Eat on its’ own, or section and have in a salad.

California avocados: Yes, they’re a fruit! And our local growing season is February through summer, so now is a great time to look for local avocados. Have some of the fiber and healthy fat filled fruit on your breakfast toast, in your wrap sandwich, or make the old standby, guacamole!

Asparagus: Peak asparagus season is April, but you should be seeing some nice looking stalks by now. Look for a nice bright green color, maybe even a little purple at the tips. Steam it, roast it, and if it’s super fresh, you can eat it raw, but probably only the tender top parts.

Radish: Crunchy, spicy, and pretty to look at, radishes are versatile and inexpensive. Clean them well, peel the skin if they are too peppery flavored for you, and add to salads, dip in hummus whole, or add them to your above avocado toast. Look at you being so So Cal!

Check out what’s in season by visiting your local farmers market.

Use the links below to find out more about the Newhall and Santa Clarita farmers markets.