Diabetes Awareness Month 2019
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Diabetes Awareness Month 2019

Diabetes Awareness Month is here again! With a continued focus on the family and diabetes in 2019, it is important to take this opportunity to assess your genetic risks, and think about how family can help prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes.

When you’re part of a unit, like a family, your actions can make an impact on the ones you love. We also influence our chosen families, whether friends, colleagues, neighbors. Choosing to make regular physical activity a part of your day to day, switching from a salty snack to a fresh fruit or vegetable, cutting out sugar sweetened drinks, each little behavior change can add up to big benefits for you and those around you. Think about how you can be a role model, and provide a little healthy nudge, to those you love!

At Henry Mayo Community Education, we provide a CDC recognized Diabetes Prevention Program, monthly Diabetes Self-Management classes, as well as support groups for people with diabetes. We are here to gently nudge you towards diabetes prevention, delay or better management. We’ll meet you where you’re at on your journey and guide you towards an improved lifestyle. Check out our amazing list of classes and come join our family some time!