Putting Family Nutrition and Wellness First
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Putting Family Nutrition and Wellness First

We are truly what we eat. Foods affect our mood, our digestion, immunity, blood sugar, all parts of our body! When you are part of a family, keeping a healthy balance has to be a team effort. When just one family member chooses to increase fruits and veggies, this can help everyone make healthier choices. To help families with young children, age 7-12, achieve the optimal healthy lifestyle balance, we start our 3rd session of Family, Food and Fitness this month.

If you have been trying to turn over a new leaf for your family, consider joining us. We have 5 areas of focus- choosing more fruits and veggies, drinking water, moving more, getting less screen time, and getting enough sleep. We are lucky to partner with our amazing fitness professionals at Henry Mayo Fitness to provide physical activity at each of our 8 sessions. Let’s have fun together moving more and learning how to strike a healthy balance within our families.

Click on the link below to register! The first session is on Tuesday 10/1.