Easy Cupboard, Freezer Meals
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Easy Cupboard, Freezer Meals

Has limiting your grocery shopping trips put a damper on your healthy eating options? Can’t get to the farmer’s market- no worries!- you can eat some veggie heavy meals out of your cupboard and freezer. By keeping some staples on hand and having longer lasting veggies and spices available, you can always have quick, nutritious meals ready to go. Leave these options for when the fresh produce from your last grocery trip is running low and you’re trying to stretch a few more days before your next trip.

Some staples to keep on hand:



Dried spices

Olive oil

Canned low sodium tomatoes, whole or crushed

Canned and/or frozen green beans

Canned and/or frozen corn

Canned and/or frozen peas

Canned low sodium beans

Fresh or jarred salsa

Additions: shredded cheese, bacon

Pea Ideas

With 4 grams of fiber and protein per serving, peas are a great addition to so many meals. Add them to rice, pasta, and tuna salad. Check out the Del Monte website for some really creative and delicious spin on peas.


Green Beans and Tomatoes

Sauté an onion and some garlic in a large pan with a little olive oil. Drain and rinse green beans if canned and add to onions after they have cooked for a few minutes. If using frozen, add straight from the freezer. Give green beans a few minutes in pan, then add in a can of tomatoes. Simmer it all for 5 minutes, to let liquid reduce. Before serving, sprinkle with whatever cheese you have on hand or you can cook a few slices of bacon, and crumble on top. Whether on it’s own, with some bread, or with a side of cooked chicken or fish, this is a simple and filling dish.

Black Beans and Corn

Rinse a can of black beans and a can of corn. If you using frozen corn, cook and let cool.

Combine in a large bowl, add in ¼ cup of jarred salsa, or more if you’d like. Enjoy as is, sprinkle with shredded Mexican cheese, have with some tortilla chips, or top a large green salad.