A Few of Our Favorite Things, 2021 Edition
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A Few of Our Favorite Things, 2021 Edition

How to say goodbye to a year like 2020? Let’s just move on! Here are some things we look forward to in 2021!

  1. Diabetes Prevention- Diabetes is one of the top three risk factors for severe Covid infection. Whether that’s a concern for you or not, it also leads to a plethora of long-term health consequences that can be avoided with the right lifestyle changes. Taking action when diagnosed with prediabetes is a great way to reduce risk. Join our next Diabetes Prevention Program and avoid becoming one of the 30% of US adults expected to have diabetes by 2050! Learn more and register here- https://www.henrymayo.com/community/diabetes-prevention-program/
  1. Home cooked meals together- A welcome change with more time at home, and less eating out, has been an increase in home cooked meals shared together as a family. Healthy habits start at home. When a family eats together, ideas and experiences with a variety of foods and tastes are shared. This benefits everyone. While meal after meal, day after day, can get old and exhausting, there are many online resources like Allrecipes, Delish, and Food Network to keep the meal ideas fresh and inspiring. You can also keep up with our blog!
  2. Breakfast- Glad to hear that the most important meal of the day is back in heavy rotation. While not necessary to go all out 7 days a week, consider getting in 3-4 out of 5 food groups at breakfast. Keep fruit on hand, like bananas, which are easy to add to oatmeal and yogurt. Consider a plant based egg option when you hit your 3-4 yolk per week quotient. And jazz up your cheese toast with sliced tomatoes or leftover roasted veggies from dinner.
  3. Exploring new cooking oils- A little goes a long way when talking oil, even the healthiest options like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Consider that just 1 teaspoon of oil contains 40 calories. The right oil can enhance the flavor of fish, pasta, salads and cooked veggies, so consider trying a nut or seed oil for a change, such as pumpkin seed or walnut. Nut and seed oils are best used un-heated to make a simple vinaigrette or to drizzle on or mix in with prepared ingredients.
  4. Mind-body connection- Mindfulness apps such as Calm and Headspace have found a growing audience of people interested in learning to meditate and relax for stress relief. Taking care of your racing, stressed, or emotional mind can help the body, enhance sleep, and improve focus. If you are looking for more than virtual relaxation, try some slow, deep breaths, take a brief walk, or join one of our Mindfulness classes held each Monday evening.
  5. Fitness to keep your insides strong- We think about getting our vitamin C to keep our immune system strong, but regular physical activity is critical as well. With gyms and indoor workouts still in limbo, keep walking, running, biking, and trying out new options online. Henry Mayo Fitness offers weekly online classes. Register and check it out. We can even send you a recording!
  6. Color of the Year- Aqua, specifically AI Aqua. What makes this aqua different from all others, I’m not sure! But it’s bright, beautiful, optimistic and reminds us of the ocean and sky. We have natural beauty all around us. Get out and enjoy it, and if you can’t, paint one of your walls aqua to bring the outside beauty, inside.

We hope to see you in Community Education in 2021!