Start off Heart Health Month Right
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Start off Heart Health Month Right

February is National Heart Health Month. Are you ready? Better yet, is your refrigerator/freezer and pantry ready? Good heart health starts with having heart healthy foods on hand.

Do you have a variety of fruits and vegetables on hand? Dark green, deep orange or yellow fruits and vegetables are especially nutritious. Examples include spinach, carrots, peaches and berries. Stock up on fresh produce every week, but keep frozen options available for quick prep.

How about a variety of high—fiber grain products like oats, whole wheat bread and brown rice? Keeping oats and a variety of whole grain products on hand ensures you always have a good base for a heart healthy meal.

How about some omega 3 packed, shelf-stable foods? The American Heart Association recommends eating fish 2 times per week for heart health. Oily fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids are best for your heart. These fish include tuna, salmon, mackerel, and sardines. Sardines are a shelf stable, low mercury, inexpensive way to reach your omega 3 goals. Look for sardines canned in water or olive oil. Despite their reputation, they are mild in flavor. Sardines on crackers with a salad is a quick, easy and healthy anytime meal.