Tipping the Scales to Your Favor
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Tipping the Scales to Your Favor

As most of us have spent the past 2 months at home, with less activities and running around, and more stressors with work, kids and finances, healthy habits may have slipped, or just been pushed to the back burner. Even if life isn’t back to “normal”, it’s important to not let our lapses turn into relapses. Here are some simple healthy nutrition and activity tips to start now to get you back on track.

Get moving! Staying in, working from home, kids finishing up school via Zoom, can all lead to more sitting and less moving. Take several walk breaks throughout the day. Turn on the music before dinner and dance around for 20 minutes. Get on the chores. If you are used to longer bouts of exercise, like classes or hikes, try to make time for longer walks in the morning before it gets hot. Whatever it is, every minute spent moving your body versus sitting will improve your health.

Boost the veggies! Add color, fiber and crisp yumminess by increasing your veggies at one meal a day.

Cut up cucumber, carrots, and radishes and have them with your sandwich at lunch. Make one meal a day a large salad with all kinds of veggies and even some fruit. Citrus and berries go great with salads. Cook up some frozen green beans and have with brown rice at dinner. Put extra cooked veggies in the fridge, and toss with a little oil and vinegar to have cold with the next day’s lunch.

Ditch the processed snacks. If the shelf stable, reliable standbys of pretzels and chips have crept back into the cupboard, tell them bye bye. Sure once a week, or at an event, we all want to indulge in some chips and dip. Going forward, choose fruit and nuts as snacks. Whatever the fruit, whatever the nut; they are all delicious and nutritious.

Greet summer with a refreshed approach to staying healthy and active! And don’t forget the Community Education is here to help support your health goals. Check out or upcoming schedule here.