Join us for World Diabetes Month
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Join us for World Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month and in light of the growing epidemic, community education wants to share about a very informative documentary special that aired on PBS earlier this year. We recommend you watch it with your loved ones and think about ways we can all work together to stop diabetes in its tracks.,of%20this%20hidden%20national%20crisis

Along with this documentary, we’d also like to share about some exciting virtual events and classes that we have planned for National Diabetes month. Please join us in learning more about diabetes and how to prevent or better manage the progression of this disease. You can register for any of these courses on our website. Please call us at 661.200.2300 if you have any questions.

Nov. 5- Managing Your Diabetes as a College Student 12:00-1:00 ZOOM

Nov. 5- Diabetes Self-Management Part 1 2:00-3:00 ZOOM

Nov. 5- Diabetes and your Heart 4:00-5:00 ZOOM

Nov. 6- Gestational Diabetes 9:30 am ZOOM

Nov. 10 – New Diabetes Prevention Program Cohort starting at 10:30am via ZOOM

Nov. 10- Diabetes and NASH: A Deadly Duo 4:00-5:00 ZOOM

Nov. 11 – Special Event for those with Type One diabetes

Nov. 12- Diabetes Self-Management Part 2 2:00-3:00 ZOOM

Nov. 19- Diabetes Self-Management Part 3 2:00-3:00 ZOOM