Real Food for Virtual Schooling
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Real Food for Virtual Schooling

Not sure how we find ourselves in September, back into another school year, virtually. Summer flew by and here we are, trying to stay healthy and keep our kids focused on school when everything else around them has changed so fast. One way to keep parents, and kids, healthy and focused, is to provide scheduled, nutritious meals and snacks, sticking with a traditional school routine.

We all perform better when we start our day with a balanced breakfast, have a brain and food break mid-morning and afternoon, and consistent lunch and dinner plans. While our days may play out a little different now in our post-Covid world, it’s important to keep a routine. If you had breakfast before work and school start time last year, do the same, even if school just means moving to another desk in the house. Prep snacks and lunch the night before so kids can grab them and eat with limited supervision. If you are working from home and your work hours are creeping into all times of day, get the kids on-board with dinner prep, or start meal planning on Sunday nights so you have a plan going into each day.

Some quick, nutritious options for the whole family include:

Breakfast- yogurt with fruit and nuts; peanut butter toast and fruit; scrambled eggs and veggies in a tortilla (breakfast burrito); oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit, nuts, seeds; make some homemade muffins on the weekend and freeze to re-heat week day mornings.

Lunch- sandwich, fruit, and cut up veggies with variations on this like a wrap sandwich in a tortilla or a bagel sandwich; leftovers from dinner like pasta and salad or a grain or salad bowl made with leftover veggies, starches and proteins from dinner; make your own “lunchables” cutting up cheese, deli meats, and choosing crackers, add a fruit and a veggie.

Snacks to always have on hand: fruit (bananas, berries, apples, oranges, frozen options (we love frozen pineapple!); cut up veggies (carrots, cucumber, peppers), baby tomatoes; popcorn; nuts; granola bars; yogurt; cheese sticks; hummus or other healthy dip to have with veggies, crackers or pretzels. Try to keep chips as a 1x day option, am or pm snack only, or even just a few times a week.

We are here to support your healthy habits as we move into Fall. Can we help you with any food or nutrition questions? Send us an email at