Kick Off 2021 with Self Care
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Kick Off 2021 with Self Care

Done with the stress and sensory overload of 2020? Wash it away with some soothing self-care. From a nice long bath, to a nature walk, or a homemade facial, check out some of our suggestion to start your year of with a sense of well-being.

Benefits of daily self-care

  • Gain space to fully relax
  • Negotiate life’s ups and downs with more ease
  • Develop a deeper sense of peace
  • Have more energy for yourself and others
  • Feel calmly present and composed
  • Limit anxiety and stress
  • Be more at ease emotionally and physically

Calming activities

  • Create a sanctuary in your home where you can sit or lie undisturbed and unwind
  • Take a walk alone in a quiet, natural place
  • Practice deep breathing- inhale calm and exhale tension
  • Practice tai chi, rhythmic dance or yoga in your own space to release pent up energy
  • Lie or sit down in a quiet room with low lighting, turn off electrical devices, and meditate/use visualization audio to let go of mind chatter
  • Listen to music that you find calming.
  • Stand barefoot on grass, soil or sand to refresh and balance energy levels
  • Enjoy a hot drink, embrace each moment and each sip
  • Explore your thoughts and feeling in a journal. They don’t have to be perfect!
  • Spend time looking at photos or postcards of serene places that are meaningful to you.
  • Nurture meaningful spiritual practice
  • Sit in a chair in a garden, on a bench in a quiet park, or on the beach. Wrap yourself in a blanket, wear clothes to match the weather, and allow the senses to settle.
  • Essentials for a self-care kit

  • Notebook and a pen/pencil
  • Home comforts, like a blanket, pillow or loose clothing
  • Body-care items, like bubble bath and hand cream. Choose unscented versions so to not overwhelm the senses.
  • Earplugs and eye mask
  • Tea, or a hot drink of your choice
  • Soothing pictures, such as landscapes
  • Meditative, tranquil music

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Try out this homemade food-based facial mask as a relaxing treat for your body. Adapted from Reader’s Digest.

  • Ingredients: 1 tsp plain Greek yogurt, Juice from ¼ of an orange, a little of the orange pulp, 1 teaspoon aloe

    Mix the ingredients, apply to clean face, let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.